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the view camera

me in my yard with a view camerame in my yard with a view camera

It took long enough, I think I’m finally coming back around to photography. Something about Spring and Nature’s rebirth happening all around me inspires a rebirth in my own being. It’s a lightness in my chest, the start of an excited tear forming quietly in my right eye. The world and it’s endless possibilities feel unbounded to anything except opportunity.

I wonder how organic this homecoming is or if I’m forcing myself back into it. Our trip earlier this month was inspiring, I had finally gone through the (mostly mediocre) pictures in Lightroom when I decided to pull out the 4x5 camera, surplus gear from a now defunct 2 year associates degree college that was gifted to me, for the first time. A couple days later and I’m in old city purchasing 4x5 sheet film and a cable release for it.

The night before I developed film in my house for the first time, luckily the chemistry was still good. The week before my fiance came home with a print washer and copy stand from work. It definitely feels organic.

The excitement of returning after a long hiatus naturally comes with a few mistakes. Pulling my hands out of the dark bag before fully closing up the $55 box of sheet film might be one of my biggest. I also think I forgot about my apple watch. Hopefully the film isn’t too fogged. The other mistake was a common misstep, I started pulling the dark slide before closing the shutter. This will be an easy one to spot.

Turning the bulky view camera onto Amanda and I in our little house and yard should be interesting as I explore domesticity and shelter, a new ever-present character in this new chapter of our life.

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